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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Itinerary in China

04/17~ Fly or drive to Denver in the afternoon.
04/18~ 8:07~Fly out of Denver to Sanfranciso, land there@ 9:55am.~  then on to Beijing@ 12:05pm.
04/19~ Land in Beijing @ 3:15pm. ( 2:15 am. Kansas time) Ralph will pick us up.  Then I think we are going to see an acrobat show at the Hotel we are staying in.   
04/20~ spend the day with Ralph,a friend,  touring Beijing area.
04/21~ 9:00 am. Sightseeing Tour to the Great Wall, Forbidden City and Tian An Men Square.
04/22~ 8:30 am. Families will fly to Guangzhou with group.
04/23~ 2:30~ Gotcha Day!  Families go to the Civil Affairs to pick up children @ 2:30pm. (1:30 am. Kansas time)
04/24~9:00am.  Families go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to do adoption registration, and then go to the Notary office to do the adoption paperwork.
04/25~ 9:30am.Shopping for anything we need for child.
04/26~ 9:30 am. Taking children's Visa picture and do medical exam, and TB test.
            1:00pm. ORPHANAGE VISIT (Please pray that this is a good experience, and brings closure for the girls! and that they don't get car sick on the 2hr. drive! ugh.
04/27~ 4:30 Get passport for child.
04/28~ 10:00 am. Get results for TB test.
04/29~ Sightseeing tour to CHen Family Temple.
04/30~ 9:30 am. Sightseeing tour to Yuexiu park.
05/01~9:00 am. Sightseeing tour to Yuntai park.
05/02~ 8:30 am. Guide will take family with their documents to American Consulate in GZ, then family will do oath taking ceremony.
05/03~ 3:00pm~Get visa for families.
            4:12pm~ Send Deaton Family to Hong Kong by train.
05/04~ Fly HOME!!! Land in San Francisco at 10:31  Land at Denver airport about 2:10pm.  We will stay here for the night and fly into Hays @ Noon ish on 05/05


  1. YAYY!!!!! TRAVEL DATES!!!!
    UMMMM!!! I think we need a few more exclamation points in the above post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy for you all!

  2. so fun to know what you will be up to & how we can be praying specifically! Happy packing this week! Your time is almost here!!:) Blessings & Prayers!