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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, April 27, 2012

Orphanage Visit

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  Wow, we were nervous about the orphanage visit, but  it went  awesome!  The bus ride over was ROUGH!  Iley was OUT OF CONTROL!  bouncing, FUSSING, screeching, flopping, and then Wren decided it must be a good way to get attention so she joined in too.  Mom had had ENOUGH! so i got the bright idea to strap them into seatbelts in the backseat:(  Wren went balistic!  Iley just screeched (nothing new there) But they did settle down, so I unbuckled them. (no one buckles up in China!)  The rest of the ride went ok.  When we got near the orphanage Wren started to recognize things, and lighting up....we were even more nervous!  When we got out at the orphanage, she saw Ms. Zhong the adoption coordinator, and the nanny that brought us, and promptly turned around and started to crawl up my legs!   She clung to my neck with a death grip.  She was glad to see them, but would NOT go to any of the nannies, not even her favorite one!  Iley was even less sure of what was going on and was VERY subdued and worried!  She clung to Babba.  She had started at the orphanage, then went to foster care....then was brought back to the orphanage and left for a week, then she came to us.  Poor baby was just so confused:(  There is no air conditioning in the orphanage, and Troy and i were wrestling the girls, the camera, the cam corder, the bag of snacks for the kids...........we were SWEATING!!!  Wren had a grand time being the one to be passing out the snacks:)  She handed them out to every one, turned around and waved BYE:) ok, we can leave now;)  We toured the orphanage, which was nothing new to us as we have seen many pictures of it already.  We didn't get many pictures of the inside (no time!)  But did get several pictures of the kids on our list.  Most were in school or foster care:(  sorry everyone waiting hopefully!  I will try to get the pictures up soon!   Iley was eyeing some blue stuffed character and pointing to it so Ms. Zhong gave it to her:)  She really is very nice, and seems to  care a lot about the kids!  Alot of the nannies and staff came up to Wren to tell her bye, and even though she wouldn't go to any of them, she finally did give them hugs from my arms.  Several times Ms. Zhong wanted to take pictures of us as a family, and Wren would always smile HUGE, and grab Troy's neck to pull him and Iley into the picture:)  Kelly, our guide said that Wren was very popular at the orphanage.  All the nannies wanted to know if we were going to try to do something to help her hear.  WE HOPE SO:)  We are trying to teach her as many signs as we can.  She's not too interested right now, she just wants to look, look, look at everything!  She doesn't miss ANYTHING!  If we have done something, one way once, she thinks it has to be done that way the next time. 

The kids at the orphanage were all so sweet!  They were all very interested in what we were doing and wanted their picture taken.

Pictures Later, the natives are getting restless!!!


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures Judy. Shi Tao looks so peaceful and happy. Thanks again Mike & Margaret

  2. OH, how happy I am to hear that you had "clingy" girls at the orphanage visit. Have been praying hard. So glad Iley loves Troy so much :) Prayers for bonding every day!!

  3. Praise GOD that it went sooo well!!! He is GOOD!! How terrible it would have been if the neck that was being clung onto had been the nannies. . .or ANYONE'S, but yours or Troys!! If you only KNEW the number of prayers that MUST be going heavenward on your behalf :) :) You have GOT to be exhausted, but the girls REALLY seem to be doing well, & the bonding. . . .well it sounds like Velcro to me!!! :) love you ALL -D xoxo
    ps If they're doing YOUR hair. . .I feel that it's only fair that they paint Troy's nails!!! :") :)

  4. Thank Goodness! I thought we would go crazy before you posted the orphanage visit! I felt like Iley and Wren on the bus ride!... wanted to screech and thrash around because we didn't know how it went!:)Well, I was praying,too....Soooo glad to hear they were planning on staying with you!! Judy, the outfits were perfect! Love the pic of you 3 girls in the hotel (or where ever). Iley looks like she could do without the headband...I already have favorite "things" about the girls and I have only seen pictures! Love Wren's eyes and sweet look. Love Iley's nose and the tilt of her chin. Just think! Two new people to get to know...and we love new! Troy, I am happy they think you are the protector...girls love a knight in shining armour to rescue them! :) We are sending our love and prayers your way. Hope you can feel them strengthening you. Am actually ACHING for you to come home and fill in all the gaps in the story...but you are doing a great job picking the right pictures to help us SEE the journey!
    Love you much, A. Gwen and all

  5. Praise God again and again. So glad the orphanage visit went well. Have been constantly thinking of you and wondering and was so good to hear the update. It appears they think you are pretty neat and why wouldn't they? :) You are such a blessing to those sweet little girls. So fun to see pictures of Judy and her girls and so sweet how Iley likes to sleep with Troy. Troy you are going to realize how fathers have a special spot for their daughters. Know you love your sons too. :) Just LOVE to see and hear all about it. H & S are coming over tomorrow and staying till Sunday. Caleb has been missing them. :) Just wait till you get those lively little girls with these boys. What a fun household you will have. :) Blessings to you. We are so anxious for you to get home and I'm sure you are too. Love you dear friends.

  6. Wow. These pics and words make me teary. Thanks for taking the time to share again.

    So, so thankful the orphanage visit went awesome. What a relief for you...
    You guys look like you belong together....isn't that how it is though? We are all one family. :) Christ's love binds us together.
    The girls are beautiful and so full of personality.

    The other kids. That brings tears. I can't IMAGINE being left at the orphanage as one of your friends leaves with a happy family. Sigh. Too bad you can't bring them all home---

    <3 and prayers.

  7. AMEN!
    Crying and loving the little cling-girls
    sweet babies, they know where they do and don't belong.
    Sweet Shi Tao... glad you got them together, awww. Makes me cry...
    You two and four are doing GREAT! Prayers ascend for the energy and strength you need...

  8. So glad for the update!& Thankful that the Orphanage visit went well {I can only imagine what a blessing that was to your hearts-actually seeing that they "wanted" you!}. We are still praying for you!- p.s. have you found the cinnamon-sugar donuts on the breakfast buffet yet?:) Thay were the ONLY reason that I didn't starve to death ;)!