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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Harrison & Sherman

Just to let you know all is well on the home front! On Tuesday the Little boys and I took our walk, tossed the baseball around then ended up playing a game of ball with Kyn & Thatcher....We all got a work out that day!
Another walk after school...Grandpa called and it was time to plant some garden....set out 3 rows of Onions! After dinner the boys went on their scavenger hunt to find their gift of the day! I think they had fun! Loved their new clothes!
No walk today....Grandpa was here waiting to plant corn....also to round up a few head of cattle to take down to his place....Oh my we will never get our gift today! Boys were very happy when they did! Peeps! Sugar Oh wonderful Sugar!
Went to Hays with Kyn this morning....Did some grocery shopping then home....Pizza nite...All were very happy with this....Gift of the day went well...Did not make them work for it today....Once again very happy with their new outfits! I just Love these boys! I Love the time I have with them!
We all miss you! We are so excited that you are finally there and Gotcha Day is almost here!
Love & Prayers

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  1. We miss all of you very much! I can't believe we have only been here 6 days. It seems like forever. I was truly missing my bed at the last hotel, but this one is much better. I guess the Marriott knows what Americans want. At the last hotel we were tired enough, that we slept like "a rock on a board". Jet lag is still working me over quite a bit, but Mom is sleeping good. I usually wake up about 3 -4 am and then just catnap for a few more hours. China is crazy!! Ash says he doesn't like how many people are in Ohio?? He's never seen "people"!! Beijing is 2-3 times more people than New York and Guangzhou is 1 1/2 times bigger than NY. Oh well, we will be glad to see the wide open country of Western KS!! Love all of you and can't wait to get home. Today is the DAY!!!!