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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, April 20, 2012

China day 1&2

A bike type taxi.

A street vendor making a sandwich wrap thingy, she put in lettuce, onions, cilantro seasonings ??? not sure what all.  We didn't try it;)
 We didn't try this either, but at least we know we won't starve:)
This is at the train station in Beijing.  We took the "bullet" train to TianJin.  It took about 30min. to get there.  We were going close to 200mph most of the way.

We walked/ the Antique Culture Market Street.  The taxi rides are.......exciting! Whew!  I had to bite my tongue several times so I wouldn't back seat drive....It certainly looked like he might need my help??  The traffic is NUTS here!  There seems to be no rules at all, bikes, scooters, buses, people...........all share the roadways.  I would be scared to death to ride a bike on these's bad enough in a car!

Just some street scenes from the Antique Culture Market Square.
 One thing we noticed was that in the masses of people we saw, there were very few children.  Some would have been in school........but where are all the babies?  The ones we saw were SO darling though:)  2-1/2 days till I get my China dollies;)
 A side street with bikes lined up.

 This was a model shoe out side of a shoe store.

 This lady was selling roasted corn on the cob and sweet potatoes.  She roasted them right there in the barrel.  Not bad....but needed some butter and salt!  The little girl in the next picture was impatiently waiting for Ralph and Troy to get done buying theirs so she could get hers.  I don't think she missed the butter and salt at all:)  She was happily munching hers soon after this pic.

 We saw several shops where the owners had their pet birds, in cages,  hanging on a pole, or behind their chairs, or along the street.  These were not for sale.  The owners most likely lived above the shops, and had brought them out for air.
 These were sort of like a crunchy version of funnel cakes.  I liked them....Troy wasn't so sure.
 LOTS of bikes everywhere!


  1. Welcome to Beijing!!!! SO excited for you!!! Watching eagerly for two little beauties!!!

  2. So strange to see you in China. . . finally!!! Love all the pics. Thinking of you (and praying) often. Take care:) Love from the Fishers

  3. you're really there! :) enjoyed.

  4. Love hearing about you trip. Waiting for Monday!

  5. If there's still an opportunity...please tell Ralph I said hello & ask him if he's coming to the states to celebrate his birthday...we share the day :) I read his letter the other day that talked about helping with an adoption. He didn't say who but I'm pretty sure I know who ;)