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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ordinary people, Amazing God

 The following paragraph is one that I copied and pasted from another blog.  I love the writer's perspective on this whole journey that we are on!  We are just SO stinkin ordinary, and fallible, and fearful. To read the whole story and follow their blog go to

They are normal people, they have normal jobs and children, a mortgage to pay, and fears to fight. The thing that makes them different is not this crazy journey or amazing adoption story, but the wonderful God they serve. It’s easy to romanticize people you read about, or compare your own life to others; I admit comparison and I are old friends. But something so wonderful that the Lord is showing me is that we are all normal, and He is not. Our God is not limited to our ways and thoughts, He does not lay His head to rest as we do. We are sinners; He is perfect. We are thirsty; He is our living water. We are emotional; He is steady. We want and He Is. God is perfect, He is so good! Let us praise Him for His workings and His heart for His people. We are tools, let us not praise the creation, but praise the Father for creating and loving and giving hope!

Let me just say AMEN:)


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