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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, March 4, 2012

More of Mr. Mess

Campfire not being an option in February.....there's always the stove burner.....And although my first reaction was... "what are you doing!!!.......It did look pretty good when he was I had to try one  myself.  



It's a bowling alley!  Complete with a strobe light!

Broken's a cooler lid.....waffle barn roofing.... the strobe light is a blinking ring, attached with wire......a large marble....and mini bowling pins (i'm sure the ball that came with them was lost long ago)     I'm sure he's a genius in the making.  This one made me laugh. 

OH...and do you see that evil instrument just behind the bowling alley??  A recorder (I think they called them flutaphones in my day) the change in name, did NOT improve the sound that comes out of them!......Aaaackkkkkk!  Pure torture! (they should pay the parents to allow these in our houses!)

A few minutes after I had photographed the bowling alley.....I heard a racket coming from the kitchen...Same parts it's a drum set!

The pan...... with the Box of Hot Tamales......Snare drum!  Brilliant:)  This boy cracks me up!  (he also drives me nuts with his messes......and noise)  But he is such a funny lovable teddy bear:)  

Where is Harrison during all this?.........Reading.  Harrisons AR(accelerated reading) goal is 72 points......Shermans.....9.  Sherman does NOT enjoy reading.  After all why read when you can live it!  Shermans room looks like a bomb went off in there most of the time.  Harrison keeps his clean......he says he can think better that way:) Sherman just thinks in process mad scientist comes to mind......never looking behind at the trail of debris left in his wake.........I'm sure if I went in there and cleaned up, I would find all my pairs of missing scissors, and scotch tape!


  1. haha! what a creative, fun guy! :D
    glad the messes are at your house. ;)

  2. Better get ready. . . I'm thinking MIT for engineering school!

  3. I thought my daughter was the only child like that! So relieved to know that is not the case.