Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Caught at their favorite activities


Can't say it's the most edifying reading.....BUT....I used to like them too.

 Sherman is always happy if there is food involved!
 Just a cute picture of my baby boy........who is almost as tall as me now! and wears bigger shoes than his dad........and he's only 10!

Bed Heads

Some peoples hair seems to come alive while they sleep.......some of us (me) wish our hair would look alive period!

I woke her up to take this picture.....she said "this is cruel!"  This hair is actually very mild compared to some mornings! (I love your dear:))

Then there's my poor flat hair:(  self portraits are always so lovely...ugh!:(

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Two of the sweetest letters of the English alphabet!!! least to an adoptive parent waiting to travel to a far distant country!  TA......Travel Approval:)  This means we've been approved to travel, and to set a consulate appointment.  They give us 2-5 dates to choose from, and we list them in order of our 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice, etc........Once the consulate appointment is confirmed, we will know exactly what day we leave, and arrange our flights . 

We just got this news at about 5:00 this evening!  After that long mournful post..............God must have known this mama was about at the end of her rope!   Thank you Father:)  I will keep you updated as I find out more information.

Please pray that the girls are being prepared for the change coming soon.  Thank you dear friends for standing by us, and holding us up in prayer, and so generously supporting us in every way.

In the waiting

WAIT WAIT WAIT........I wish I had some news to share!!!!!  BUT.......I don't.  When people ask "how are you doing" I usually answer "just waiting"........but some days that is Not such a pretty sight:(  Some days....usually the ones I spend more time in prayer....I am at peace, and KNOW that God has this, and it will happen in HIS timing.  Other days, I'm NOT so patient, and I just want to scream HURRY UP ALREADY and kick and cry.  Inside I feel like a tightly wound spring, and don't rub me the wrong way or it might unwind with a zing and I will say something I will regret. I cry at the anything, or nothing, and feel like my life is on hold.....just waiting for something to happen.  I TRY so hard to be present everyday, in the little things going on, but sometimes feel like I'm on the outside looking in some how....... My mind always churning........ what will this look like when the girls are here, How will they react to this situation, how will I sign this or that to Wren........always waiting..... waiting........  It's a crazy, uncomfortable, maddening place to be!  I KNOW it's going to be HARD, and I know my life will change.....but I'm ready to move out of this holding pattern.  Troy is so busy at work, and all this isn't on his mind nearly as much, but this IS my job.......the family, and how it runs, and how to graft in two new branches in a way that is best for the branches, and at the same time, not neglect the tree, and branches already on it.   So if you think of us, please pray for patience, and WISDOM,  and peace, and for Gods timing, and for the safety and well being of our daughters as they wait. 

This is part of an email from a dear friend who visited the orphanage during  her adoption journey to her daughters.  She wrote this in response to my questions about Wren.   One thing I didn't like about the orphanage was the way it sounds.  It sounds cold and eerie with lots of screaming and echos.   Wren Dayu might be one of the lucky ones!
Everyone always says she seems content, and happy. Always smiling. I've never thought about the fact that her hearing loss might be, in some way, God's way, of protecting her. I must remember... "giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ " and “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts.

Ordinary people, Amazing God

 The following paragraph is one that I copied and pasted from another blog.  I love the writer's perspective on this whole journey that we are on!  We are just SO stinkin ordinary, and fallible, and fearful. To read the whole story and follow their blog go to

They are normal people, they have normal jobs and children, a mortgage to pay, and fears to fight. The thing that makes them different is not this crazy journey or amazing adoption story, but the wonderful God they serve. It’s easy to romanticize people you read about, or compare your own life to others; I admit comparison and I are old friends. But something so wonderful that the Lord is showing me is that we are all normal, and He is not. Our God is not limited to our ways and thoughts, He does not lay His head to rest as we do. We are sinners; He is perfect. We are thirsty; He is our living water. We are emotional; He is steady. We want and He Is. God is perfect, He is so good! Let us praise Him for His workings and His heart for His people. We are tools, let us not praise the creation, but praise the Father for creating and loving and giving hope!

Let me just say AMEN:)


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Katie Grace

  I don't know if you remember this picture one of the very first we received of Wren Dayu.  The little girl on the right is Katie Grace, Hua Hua.  She has just had her heart repaired and is in the hospital on a ventilator.  Would you please lift up Katie Grace, she needs your prayers, her family needs your prayers! 

This is Katie's(yellow shirt) 3rd Birthday at the orphanage.  Her family sent her a cake. (Wren is in pink right behind her)
And this is Katie at home, at her fourth Birthday party:)
This next picture was taken shortly after Hua Hua's surgery! Note the machine next to her crib/bed. It's a ventilator and Hua Hua is still being ventilated days after her surgery.

Please up lift this little girl in your prayers! Please pray that her lungs will be strong enough to get off this ventilator today!
They have to keep her HEAVILY sedated so she won't panic and pull out her tubes in an effort to get to her Mama.  She is so scared, and does not understand what is going on.  She has such a fear of abandonment:(  Please pray for peace for her.

To follow Katie Grace's progress you can go to Annie's blog by clicking on the link! Please pass this need on to your praying friends. We need to storm heaven with prayers of healing on behalf of this baby!

 "Then you will KNOW that I am the LORD - those who hope in ME will not be disappointed." Isaiah 49:23b
Thank you prayer warriors!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

More of Mr. Mess

Campfire not being an option in February.....there's always the stove burner.....And although my first reaction was... "what are you doing!!!.......It did look pretty good when he was I had to try one  myself.  



It's a bowling alley!  Complete with a strobe light!

Broken's a cooler lid.....waffle barn roofing.... the strobe light is a blinking ring, attached with wire......a large marble....and mini bowling pins (i'm sure the ball that came with them was lost long ago)     I'm sure he's a genius in the making.  This one made me laugh. 

OH...and do you see that evil instrument just behind the bowling alley??  A recorder (I think they called them flutaphones in my day) the change in name, did NOT improve the sound that comes out of them!......Aaaackkkkkk!  Pure torture! (they should pay the parents to allow these in our houses!)

A few minutes after I had photographed the bowling alley.....I heard a racket coming from the kitchen...Same parts it's a drum set!

The pan...... with the Box of Hot Tamales......Snare drum!  Brilliant:)  This boy cracks me up!  (he also drives me nuts with his messes......and noise)  But he is such a funny lovable teddy bear:)  

Where is Harrison during all this?.........Reading.  Harrisons AR(accelerated reading) goal is 72 points......Shermans.....9.  Sherman does NOT enjoy reading.  After all why read when you can live it!  Shermans room looks like a bomb went off in there most of the time.  Harrison keeps his clean......he says he can think better that way:) Sherman just thinks in process mad scientist comes to mind......never looking behind at the trail of debris left in his wake.........I'm sure if I went in there and cleaned up, I would find all my pairs of missing scissors, and scotch tape!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


We are getting CLOSER:)  I got an email this morning that our Article 5 is done!  Now the agency rep. in Beijing has to walk it  in to the CCCWA and hand deliver it to them.  Then we wait for our TA (travel arrangements, or travel acceptance)  Once we get TA, it's 3-6 weeks till we are ........leavin....on a jet plane...don't know when I'll be back again...........ok....actually we will know:)  just so excited, I broke into song for a second there:)  WOOO HOOO!!!!!!!!  We are getting SO close!!!  Praying that we get TA, before Apr. 5th!  That's the cut off date before the big Trade Show in Guangzhou from the 15th to May 5th.  The Motels are all full, and about triple the then you have to wait till May 5th to start your travel!!!  Please let it be April!!