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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What they thought

We sent a letter to the orphanage through Lady bugs n love and asked the orphanage what the girls' reaction to their "family" was.  We sent pictures of all of us, and I just wondered whether they cried.....were happy.......sad.....nervous, when they saw them, and KNEW they had a family coming???  I also asked "how" they would tell Wren.  With her having NO language except body language and do you get adoption across??  I do know that her orphanage is very active in adoption, so they see a lot of kids leave with their families.  But????   This is the reply I received today.  But still no pictures of my little cricket, Iley.  

Hi Judy,
The message from the orphanage below:
Both children were very happy when they saw their family’s pictures. Big smiles. Da Yu is very smart. She now helps feed younger children on her own. She watches people’s lips when we talk. We point the pictures and tell her who this is and who that is over and over, she will understand.
Still no pictures yet.

Hoping for an updated picture of our little Iley XiaoKui soon!!

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