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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ms. Personality:)

This is what was written about Wren Dayu from the family that was visiting the orphanage.  We keep getting Jekyl and Hyde reports on this little miss.  Some times she is shy....sometimes she is a ham....sometimes she is described as intorverted....this time she's miss personality???? Wondering what we are in for!  It sounds/looks like she should fit in fine with this wild household of boys:)  I wonder if she'll like the little tutu skirt I got for her and Iley........she may want her sweat pants back?  This mama is ready for some pink and ruffles.....sorry girlies:)  No sweats except for jammies......and maybe the looooooong plane ride.

Judy, I couldn't miss Zhong Da Yu if I wanted to. She was the life of the party. Very, very pretty! Love the hair! And she has a lot of personality. She loved Matt playing with her and the others--tickling them and such. She was laughing and giggling and rolling around in delight.  And I know he has her on video some--but not sure how much becuase I was snapping pictures of other kids at the time.

                               And now for our Cheeky Wren

Sorry I don't know why 2 of the pictures are sideways!  They aren't that way in my file?  The close ups are the same picture as some of the others, I just cropped them and brought them closer.   

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  1. how fun :)! I love her hair! You are on the countdown & before you know it you will be back home again chasing 2 more littles!