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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We Have LOA/LSC!!!

For those of you who are not steeped in the abbreviations of this crazy adoption jargon.......that stands for Letter of Acceptance, or Letter Seeking Confirmation.  It also means that China has approved us to adopt these two specific children, and are seeking confirmation that we accept........DUH!!!  Hurry up already!!  Now we send that along with the request to bring these two specific children into the united states, to the USCIS (united states customs and immigration service).  When we get that approval, we send it to China along with request for visas.  Or something along that line..........I'm a little confused myself at this point.  Thank goodness for an agency that spells it out as we go!'s confusing!  When we get a consulate appointment with the Chinese consulate.......we make travel arrangements.  This next part of the process usually takes 60-90 days:):)  Hopefully by the end of March we will be headed to CHINA!!!  In the mean time, we devour every picture we get.  Here are a couple of Wren, sent to me by a recent traveler.

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  1. YAY!We are so excited for you & hoping this next phase goes as expected! How fun it will be if you travel @ the same time as S & L!:)
    Keep us posted!