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Friday, January 20, 2012

Completely Random Happenings of not much interest

I'm sure the rest of you clean under your stove more often than I do.....but if I cleaned more often, we wouldn't have such interesting science experiments....I leave it for the kids....really.

The pen was found!  "What is this" she says.......""I don't know, he answers,  "but there is something big under here!"  "I will scream if it's a dead mouse" she says!  "That would be hilarious" is the typical male response!

This is a typical Sherman moment.......No one look, I'm going to do something.....He comes out looking like this, and announces that he is "in the band"  We tried not to laugh......really we did!  But when the "band member" is dressed in a graduation gown tucked in, and playing Mary had a little lamb, while battling his flowing sleeves, ............all i can say is......we tried.

Moving on..........Moving on.............
The next event was a group effort to make this cute little owl pillow for the girls room. Sherman started out stuffing the skinny little legs and gave it up...handed it to Kyndahl, and said you do this, and stole the foot she was working on.  He also stuffed the main body of it. 

 This room is a work in progress.  I had high hopes, and lofty dreams for this girl retreat....But.....the budget wouldn't allow it.....and ........I HATE stripping wall paper.......SO....we left the sailboats.....we are just ignoring them, acting like they aren't there.......I decided it kind of has an English country house look.....cobbled together over time you thought so too didn't you.  I knew you would get it.
The bedding is all stuff that i already had, and the curtain fabric and pillow was fabric I already had as well.  The foot stool at the end of the bed was in the living room at one time.  The bed frame is from Grandma Deaton, the bedside table on the right is from Great Grandma Knaus/Flora, the chest is from Great Granny.  Hopefully at 5 years old, they won't have too much fashion sense yet......I actually think it looks rather cozy!  Maybe not high end fashion.....but homey.

The curtains and chest from Great Granny.

Here is some detail on the birdcage in the corner.  Such a cute little Chinese dude holding a bird:) There are three of these that hold the bottom on the cage.

These toy bins go under a bookshelf that was built for Troy and his brother when they were little.  They are going to get a fresh coat of cream paint on the outside, with rasberry pink on the inside.  The shelves will be the same.....the bulletin board needs some help!.....stay tuned for an update.

All of these lovely treasures get to go in the freshly painted book shelves:)  We love books!

That's all folks.....told you it was random!

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  1. The room looks GREAT!! Love the owl. And, by the way, Sherman looks great as well:)Jen