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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An Early Christmas Gift

Every update and snippet of information on our China daughters,  is truly a gift.  It's kind of like waiting for those monthly doctor's appointments when you are pregnant. You get to hear the heartbeat and measure and weigh to see how much it's grown.  I've heard several Adoptive parents say we are paper pregnant.  If that's the case....I feel big as a barn!  Paper overload!!!  as in ....a whole forest was lost to save these two girls:)  But I digress..........On to the important stuff....PICTURES:):) and information!! This is the message we received...

dayu - judy - sweet, sweet, sweet. she would giggle when i would touch her cheek. cute as a button. i also found out about Xiaokui, she is doing very well. her health is improving. her fingertips were blue when she went to the foster family, now they look much better because they are giving her special soup. she is well taken care of.

That "special soup" has me curious!  I've seen pictures from former travelers of the Medicine mart. They have interesting things.                                                   
Dried Snakes anyone?

       Lizard on a stick
          Dried Sea Horses and Fish Stomachs
 Or Maybe a special cut of Meat???
I think I'm better off NOT knowing what's in the soup!

They also reported....Miss Zhong told me Dayu has no hearing at all.  And they are teaching her  a little from the tapes you sent.  I think Dayu is a little reserved.  She may be on the shy side but not timid.  She is open I believe.

This family is in China now, adopting the little girl in the bright pink on the right.  The little girl beside her is their daughter also, adopted as a baby.  This group of kids all have parents waiting on paperwork so they can go bring them HOME.  This picture amuses me.....The little girl beside Wren is the one that is partially blind, it looks like she is talking to Wren.....who can't hear.  Wren looks like she's looking and pointing out something to her...who can't see!  Precious:)  It also looks like maybe Wren's shoes are on the wrong feet:)

Wren sure likes that sucker:)  I wonder if the only time they get candy is when adoptive parents visit.  Of course my kids get candy often, and they still love it, so maybe she just takes after her Mother and is a sugar junky:)

I just want to give a big acknowledgement to Ms. Zhong.  She is the orphanage director on the left in the tan  jacket.  She really cares about the kids, and goes to a lot of personal effort on their behalf.   She is open and works with the adoptive parents.  She knows who each child is and where they are.  She only has 400 to keep track of!! She even came in on Sunday, her day off, so that they could get pictures of the older kids that are usually in school on weekdays. She works hard to get these kids families. When Cheryl, the mother there now, told her how much we appreciate what she does, she got tears in her eyes. She said she's only doing what is right.  She said she gets a lot of flack for the extra effort put into these kids.  So THANK YOU Ms. Zhong!


  1. Your girls are indeed incredibly adorable... With out doubt!!!
    And to the fashionable and wonderful Ms. Zhong, I give my highest regard...
    But I think I know that most excellently lovable little boy in blue.... It is swooning my heart to find him here!
    (Momma in waiting to that handsome bundle)