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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Calico pie Fundraiser

Whats up:  A big fundraiser….well a fundraiser with big hopesJ  Calico Pie,  a tiny shop on Etsy with a big heart is donating 50% of it’s sales to help with an adoption journey.  Calico Pie makes hand sewn soft cloth dolls that are baby safe and mama friendly (being 100% washable

When:    Monday, November, 28th!   Shauna at Calico Pie will donate half of any sales Placed on Monday the 28th to our adoption!!!  This is called cyber Monday.  This is the equivalent of Black Friday to the retail shops.
Who:  That would be us:) Troy and Judy Deaton from Kansas are adopting 2 girls from China,  4 year old Wren Da Yu, who is Deaf, and 4 year old Iley XiaoKui, who has a heart condition and needs surgery.
Why:  There are 147 million Orphans in the world that need families.  The biggest obstacle between the orphan  and their forever family is expense.  It costs between $20,000 and $40,000 for each adoption.  Please help us raise the ransom for these two little girls to come home.

What you can do:  Order a doll, or  Spread the word to all your friends to help us bring business to Calico Pie.  Or  Donate directly, and tax deductable through: Brethren Charity Fund
                                                                  PO Box  365
                                                            Brookville, OH  45309
Please note: ** "Troy & Judy-adoption"  on check memo line** This is the link! Check out more of her cute dolls!  There are many more options.
The Story Of the Doll
I ordered a doll for Wren Dayu from Calico Pie  way back at the end of March of this year.  When placing the order on line, there was a place to leave a comment, or special request.  I wrote and asked the owner, Shauna, if she could make the dolls eyes look more Wren's.  She wrote back and said sure.....send me a picture.  I sent her a picture, and told her we were adopting Wren from China, she then shared with me that she worked in an orphanage when she was younger.  These emails went on for several months.......we chit chatted, and got to know each other.......and then we  kind of tapered off... and i hadn't heard from her for a while, but she had said to be sure and send her my blog information when I got it up and going.   So I sent her an invitation, and she emailed me and said she had gotten it.  Then I didn't hear anything for a while......and I really didn't expect to, cause after all....she lives in California, and I had no reason to hear from her....she sold me a doll...went above and beyond to make it special.....sent extra outfits....just because she has a heart for her part was certainly done!  Then out of the blue....This lovely lady sent me an email....saying that she had been thinking about us, and wanted to help with a fundraiser!!!  This totally caught me off gaurd!  Remember.....I have never met this Girl!  She is giving up income, and MUCH help a family she has never met!  I cried......(not that that is unusual these days)  But seriously!!!  ONLY GOD could open a way to raise money through "buying" a doll!  So Please everyone that has a brother, sister, neice, nephew, child, grandchild, or friend......that would like a nice little doll......for Christmas...or a birthday maybe.......order one on November 28th!
Thank you one and all for your help in bringing two more orphans HOME:)

I hope to do a post soon about the expenses.....where it all much is paid up......and how much is left to pay.

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  1. Love it!! What a blessing!! SO thankful for the kindness of others and their compassion for these precious ones on of His!! Praising Him with you!!