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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Adoption Expense Outline

For anyone who is interested in possibly adopting, or who is just wondering why adoption is so expensive, I'm going to try to give a detailed outline of where the money goes.  What is in Red is what we have left to pay.  What's in Black has been paid, or we have grant money (we receive this money when we get home with the girls. We can then use it to cover loans, or credit card expenses), or donations in savings to cover it.

Application for adoption:---------------------------------------------------$250.00
Contract Fee-1st Fee:--------------------------------------------------- $3,500.00
Application for Home Study services:---------------------------------------$200.00
Home Study:------------------------------------------------------------- $1,200.00
Travel Fees for Home Study: -----------------------------------------------$300.00
Judy's Passport (Troy already had one):-------------------------------------$135.00
Judy's Birth certificate-3 copies:----------------------------------------------$72.00
Troy's Birth certificate-3 copies:-----------------------------------------------89.45
Online Adoption preparation classes:----------------------------------------$125.00
Required Reading Books: (we borrowed some)-----------------------------$120.00
I800A Filing Fee- 670.00 + 80.00 per adult (Troy, Judy, Kyndahl) = ------$975.00
Contract Fee-2nd Fee:--------------------------------------------------- $3,500.00
Contract Fee-3rd Fee:-----------------------------------------------------$ 750.00
Contract Fee- 2nd Child:-------------------------------------------------$3,500.00
China Visa Service-40.00 each adult + 38.00 delivery charge=-------------$118.00
DS-230 Filing and Service Fee---------------------------------------------$560.00
Orphanage Donation- 5,300.00 X's 2 =---------------------------------$10,600.00 this has to be carried in cash or wired 1-2 months in advance!
Legal and Process fees per child X's 2=  2,000-2,500 = ---------$4,000-$5,000.00 this has to be in carried in cash.  This is frightening:(
Visa to China- $140.00 per person= ---------------------------------------$280.00
International Airfare: 1,100.00-1,800.00 per person ----------$2,200.00-$3,600.00
                (2 going and 4 returning)------------------------------------$1,000-1,800
Intra China Travel: 2500-3500 per adult = -----------------------$5,000-$7,000.00
Total--------------------$38,474.45- $43,474.45
This doesn't include Physicals for every family member
Immunizations, and TB tests for everyone
and local fingerprinting....I think it was around 285.00 (95.00 per adult in household)  I might be wrong on this one.  I couldn't find the receipt for it.
So this is not "all inclusive"  There are much more add ons...such as gas to Wichita for fingerprinting,(Kansas) gas to Topeka for, fingerprinting.(FBI)

Post Adoption Reports at 6months,12months,3,5, and 10 years these are 300.00-600.00 per report.  These are required by the state. for a grand total of 1,500.00-3,000.00  Some states require this up front!  I need to check into this.

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the generous hearts that have donated to this adoption!!!  These little girls would not be coming home with out your help, or they would have had to wait SO much longer!  We still have about $12,000-$15,000 to raise, but we know that God is in this, and money is no object to him!  He has been there every time we have needed money for an installment:)  So thank you for being his hands and feet!  May God Richly Bless you for your generosity.

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