Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, October 13, 2011


We finally got PA (pre approval) for our 2nd little girl:)  YEAH!!!  So now I can officially introduce Iley Xiaokui (pronounced Sha ow Quay) She is 4 years old also.  She has been at the same orphanage as Wren Da Yu until the last month.  She is now in foster care in China.  (Not sure how I feel about this, but as there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.....I will just pray)

Here she is:)  We think she's pretty cute!

This next picture was our first glimpse of her.  She is in the pink bib (behind Wren pointing, both are in pink) So here are both of our girls in the same picture.  We didn't know they were going to be sisters at this point.  We just wondered who the forlorn little face in the background was, and hoped she would have a momma soon.

The next glimpse of her came in a picture and video of her at the table.  I don't know what it was about her that just captivated me.  She really wasn't doing much but eating and looking at the little girl beside her.  She did show a little personality in this picture though:) At this point, although I was smitten with her, we were still thinking one was our limit.

The next glimpse of her was in a video sent to us by a friend who was showing us her little girl.  I was totally not expecting to see her!  We had just received a video of Wren Da Yu, and she was nowhere to be seen.  When we watched the video, I felt again that this was my child. After much discussion and even more prayer about whether we were supposed to adopt two at once,  we decided to try to find out who she was, and if she was even available, or if she already had a family.  We emailed a picture of her to our agency along with another little boy's picture, who we had all been in love with for a while.  We prayed that if either of them were NOT meant to be ours that they would already be placed with a family. I also prayed that if they were ours, that something in their file would stand out or be specific to our family.  The little boy is being adopted by a family in China (we mourned his loss to our family, and pray that he will be happy and know Christ in his new family)  He reminded us so much of our Shermie.....I still say I have 3 children in China!), BUT..... the little girl was named Xiaokui, she is 4 yrs. old, Her Birthday is April 14th,(our anniversary) of  2007 She has CHD(congenital heart disease).  Her file was in the process of being prepared for adoption. She wasn't on any list yet! If our paper work and her file, got done at the right timing....we would be first to be able to review her file.  If hers got done first, then she would go on a shared list, and a family with their paperwork farther along would have first chance to adopt her.  So we waited........and prayed that our paperwork would HURRY!  We had already fallen in love with her, and considered her ours in our hearts.  Our agency received her file 1 week before our paperwork was ready!  But they said it was close enough, and they would let us review her file.  This is what we received.

After we said yes we want her!  We were able to send some questions to the orphanage and find out more about her.  This is what we know:
She is cooperative
Easy going
Gets along well with each child
Yes she knows Da yu and gets along well with her
A leader
Likes to play with dolls, blocks, balls and cars
Likes out door activities
Loves clolorful objects
Is Tiny
Can't do heavy physical activities
Beautiful smile

We laughed at the Happy beautiful smile description!  If we hadn't seen the video of her, we would have wondered if she ever smiles.

She weighs 24.25lbs and is 33.7" tall.  She is a dink.  Dayu is 33lbs. and is 37.8" tall.  Not big for a four year old, but bigger than her little sis.

This is their bedroom at the orphanage.  Iley Xiaokui is along the wall in the orange shirt.

This is only one room like this of many.  There are 400 kids at this orphanage.  We are thankful there will be 2 less orphans soon:)

Another "unsmiley" picture. She's the third one back on the left.


  1. Congratulations on your second little girl! She is a cutie!

  2. YAY!!LL texted me yesterday with the news!She is a dear!Our little guy {Atley!} has repaired CHD too...We are trying to patiently wait for our LOA!- yesterday was day 50! fun for you to prepare for 2 little girls! Blessings!

  3. I love all these new pictures! Congratulations on your PA! She was meant to be yours! Can't wait for you to travel and bring these precious girls home!