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Monday, September 26, 2011

Spiders should not come in sizes bigger than a mouse

Let me say for the record....I DO NOT LIKE SPIDERS!  I can step on one, or smack one with a shoe...if they are within normal size and don't jump, or come towards me.  If they get on me, I feel like I'm going to throw up...then get mad....then cry.  This is just for normal spiders.  When Thatcher brought this furry friend in the other night....It made my stomache lurch! and sent shivers down my spine.....and it was safely in a jar.   

He found it down south of Quinter on the farm where he works.  The cat was playing with it!!  Crazy cat!

He took it up to show Harrison and Sherman who were already in bed.  I gave him strict orders not to scare Harrison with it.....or Harrison would be downstairs sleeping with me.  Harrison used to have spider nightmares.  We would wake up to his hysterical screaming, race upstairs to see who was murdering him, and find him frantically dancing and darting back and forth in the hallway.....escaping the his fear is real. 

Then he woke up poor Sherman, determined that he HAD to see this beauty.   Sherman groggily said whhaaatt..snort snuffle...rub eyes..."Sherman wake up....Look at this really big spider"  He sits up and says Whoa!  That's really big!  Then Clunk.....goes back to sleep.  The first thing he says to me in the morning was "Did Thatcher come over last night with a really big spider?  Or did I just dream that"  We didn't think he was very awake:)

I made him take it home with him.....I was not sleeping with that thing in my house!!! Harrison is totally with me on this!  WhenThatcher brought it over again last night so Sherman could take it to school today for show and tell, Harrison  refused to go to bed until it was clear out in the utility room, he would have MUCH preferred that it was OUTSIDE and wouldn't even go past it to get his clothes this morning in the laundry room.  Sherman had to take it outside!  I asked him how are you planning to get to school?  Sherman took it to school on the bus....  He was pumped up over this opportunity to be king of show and tell:)'s always fun to make the girls scream.

I'm afraid that i can no longer convince myself that tarantulas don't live in this area.....kind of like people said when I moved here.....rattlesnakes never come south of the tracks.  BA.....LONE....Y!  I've had encounters with 3!  But if I encounter one of these on my may be the end of my exercise regime.....well it would be if I had one that is.

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