Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Too Funny

For those of you who don't follow Jen Hatmaker's blog.....she is a funny lady:)  I read this post and laughed my self silly.  She is the one that posted After the Airport.  But this one is just so true to any family with children....especially the male species.  I copied the picture and captions below from her post!  Not sure if that's legal???  But oh many other negligent parents (like us) could have taken this picture in their own back yard???  How many of us dream of the Fake family...........go read!

Clearly, I'm not the hovering Mama I once was. As this picture demonstrates:
We add water to our Death Trap Trampoline to expedite the possibility of a broken femur.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Strange days indeed

I wonder if I would have sent these pictures to China in our Dossier, if they would approve us to adopt.  Or if our social worker would have seen this side of them, before she approved us....would her report have been different?


and the unsuspecting victim is........He has a somewhat puzzled look would you say......

But not for long.

this outfit is just wrong on every level!

The boys wore this fire fighter coat when they were about 3-5!  Some people never grew more ways than one:)

They interrupted a war that was already in progress.......

Please disregard the ugly messy's the battleground of many wars past and present, and it is seriously battle scarred.

Spiders should not come in sizes bigger than a mouse

Let me say for the record....I DO NOT LIKE SPIDERS!  I can step on one, or smack one with a shoe...if they are within normal size and don't jump, or come towards me.  If they get on me, I feel like I'm going to throw up...then get mad....then cry.  This is just for normal spiders.  When Thatcher brought this furry friend in the other night....It made my stomache lurch! and sent shivers down my spine.....and it was safely in a jar.   

He found it down south of Quinter on the farm where he works.  The cat was playing with it!!  Crazy cat!

He took it up to show Harrison and Sherman who were already in bed.  I gave him strict orders not to scare Harrison with it.....or Harrison would be downstairs sleeping with me.  Harrison used to have spider nightmares.  We would wake up to his hysterical screaming, race upstairs to see who was murdering him, and find him frantically dancing and darting back and forth in the hallway.....escaping the his fear is real. 

Then he woke up poor Sherman, determined that he HAD to see this beauty.   Sherman groggily said whhaaatt..snort snuffle...rub eyes..."Sherman wake up....Look at this really big spider"  He sits up and says Whoa!  That's really big!  Then Clunk.....goes back to sleep.  The first thing he says to me in the morning was "Did Thatcher come over last night with a really big spider?  Or did I just dream that"  We didn't think he was very awake:)

I made him take it home with him.....I was not sleeping with that thing in my house!!! Harrison is totally with me on this!  WhenThatcher brought it over again last night so Sherman could take it to school today for show and tell, Harrison  refused to go to bed until it was clear out in the utility room, he would have MUCH preferred that it was OUTSIDE and wouldn't even go past it to get his clothes this morning in the laundry room.  Sherman had to take it outside!  I asked him how are you planning to get to school?  Sherman took it to school on the bus....  He was pumped up over this opportunity to be king of show and tell:)'s always fun to make the girls scream.

I'm afraid that i can no longer convince myself that tarantulas don't live in this area.....kind of like people said when I moved here.....rattlesnakes never come south of the tracks.  BA.....LONE....Y!  I've had encounters with 3!  But if I encounter one of these on my may be the end of my exercise regime.....well it would be if I had one that is.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

God's grace

I read this today, and was so thankful that we serve a merciful, grace extending, God!  It was a good reminder to me on how to conduct myself at all times, and how wonderful it is when we are a true reflection of God's grace to others.

I need to remember all i have been forgiven for when i find this...right after I've JUST swept the floor.
Crocs full of sawdust.....Yep.......Sherman.

Or this.........
This one will teach me NOT to leave the dogs in the utility room when I go to work.  This also explains why they are NOT allowed in the rest of the house! 

It even extends around the corner....they drug out dirty undies, a shoe, a belt, their bed, chewed up a box waiting to go to the garage trash, and a brand new pack of toilet paper............So if you come over and the toilet paper looks a bit strange...our underwear have holes, our shoe strings are tied together with knots....just don't mention it.

They look sweet and charming..... don't be deceived........  You saw the evidence.......
(I AM talking about the dogs by the way)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grandmother assists Who Dunnit

My very dear mother in law....I really do mean that by the way:)  But....she does NOT help my little messer!   In fact she encourages him!  Who's side is she on anyway?  Never mind...I already know the answer to that one........ Definitely the grandchildrens!
She bought these for him......because she remembered how fun they were as a child....or maybe she just thinks they feel cool and that they reminded her of the tadpoles she used to love to feel as a child........?????  Anyway....I come in from work to find THIS in one of my BEST glass bowls on my counter.

But did she know it would go to school for show and tell in this?

Or that it could make you look possessed?

So Much fun!

Thanks Grandma Sharon:)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Please Read Please Watch

Dear Friends,
Even though we are not at this point yet....we hope to be....that sounds weird, as this is a tough place to be, but if we are here, it means our little girls are home, and we are trying to adjust the best we can.  I pray each of you will read this, and reach out to someone you know who might need your friendship today!

If you haven't watched this video on adoption, get your kleenex's out:)  I still cry every time i watch it. 

Monday, September 12, 2011


We are Thankful that Irene didn't do too much damage to our favorite summer vacation spot!  We LOVE the Outer Banks.....known to the regulars as OBX.  We have been vacationing here as a family since I was about 2 years old.....


We had so much fun here this summer with Friends and Family. Here's the whole crazy bunch.......and boy could they put away the food.  This year grandma....who is used to cooking for two small eaters.....didn't argue when i said........ we're going to need more than that!  I kept saying, "Mom that's not enough"  The first year we took our teenagers and their friends she was astounded at the amount of groceries we went through.  She didn't think we would be able to eat that much food in 2 weeks, let alone just 1.........they ate it all and we had to go back for a few more things! 

And here are the main eaters
But such a good looking bunch!

These four have been friends for a long time.  Kaitlyn and Ash, the two in the back, started kindergarten together.  Thatcher and Kyndahl have known each other since they were 3.  I love the fact that they are all still such good friends.

Well......some are a little more than friends;)

Thatcher was gloating that he was taller now....he's younger and was always much smaller for a looong time.  Then he caught up and passed him.....and thinks it's hilarious:)

 Ash on his toes trying to make it look like he's as tall as Thatcher, guess i should have cropped their feet out for his sake......naw!:)

Our House at Outer Banks. (Mom and Dad's actually...but we claim it too....isn't that what kids do?  What's yours is ours....:))    We are so glad Irene spared it!

Our path to the beach.

Ash and Grandpa rigging the sail boat.  This takes an extreme exercise in  patience for both of them:)

Jelly Fish!!!
 Some were huge! But they didn't sting as long as you didn't touch their under side


Honey....Please shrink the kids!

Sherman resists being hugged....He's a major touch me of course everyone wants to hug him!  He's just so sweet and squeazy:)  Like a teddy bear.  But notice the side hugs he gives!  Never face to face!

And then there are the ones who like to hug and  hug everyone:)

And of course the guys can only take serious pictures for so long before they crack...

As grown up as they think they are.....we caught the big ones fully engrossed in the younger boys movie:)

And we did get a few pictures of the elusive Harrison.  He tends to quietly disappear when pictures start??

Thanks Dad and Mom!!  We Love you!!