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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our 2nd Update

The agency allows us to contact the orphanage, through them,  2 times in the course of the adoption.  We chose to ask a bunch of questions now, and then we will get updates just before we travel on her size, measurements, weight, height, favorite colors etc.  These are the questions we sent, and the orphanage's answers.
     a. Is she a cooperative child or stubborn? She has a little stubborn.
     b. Is she spunky or passive? Is she outgoing or reserved around people?
She is spunky when she was encouraged. She is reserved around people.
     c. Is she Bright, average, or developmentally challenged? She is bright.
     d. Is she affectionate?  She is affectionate.
      e. Does she bond with caretakers and children?
She bonds well with her caretaker.
      f. Does she have a close friend, or a child she picks to play with ? If so, what is the age and gender of the child?
Yes, she has a close friend called Zhong Shi Yi, female, 3 years old. 
     g.  How does she compare in understanding with children her age.
Her understanding ability is normal compared with children on her age.
     h. Is she happy, sad, or unresponsive by nature.
She has a little sad. She is cooperative when she is interested in something.
i.                    Does she laugh, or understand when something funny happens?
She will laugh and can understand.
     j. Does she understand what is going on around her?  Yes, she knows.
     k. Is she inquisitive and watchful,   watchful
     l. does she live in her own world or is she involved with her environment/surroundings? She is involved.
     m. Does she have allergies, or any other health issues besides her hearing?  No.
     n. How is her eyesight? Is there any concerns with her vision?
No, there is no concern with her vision.
     o. Is she receiving any sign language, or communication instruction? Would you be willing to introduce it to her if materials were sent to help with it?
She knows a little sign language. She can express her daily basic needs. Yes, we’d love to.  
     p. “What” is she able to communicate through gestures and body language?
Eat, drink, go to pee-pee” etc simple needs.
     q. What does she enjoy doing most?  Does she play with dolls, color, draw. Balls, look at books, or other? She likes reading books. She likes playing dolls. She likes watching cartoon.
     r. Is she toilet trained?  Yes, she is.
     s. Is she dry at night?  Yes, she is.
     t. What is her physical development compared to other children her age?  Ex. Running, standing on one foot, eye hand coordination, gross and fine motor skills.
Her physical development is normal compared to other children her age.
     u. How would you describe her if you were talking to someone about her? 
Lovely, affectionate, timid
     v. What stands out most in your mind about her when you think of her?
Lovely, smart, likes laughing.
     w.  Would you say she is a leader or a follower? A follower
     x. Is she confident, or hesitant with new stimulation or circumstances?
She is hesitant with new circumstances.
     y. What would your biggest concern for her be?
She is timid when she sees strangers. Her photos have been attached.
Height: 36.25 inches   weight: 33 lbs    head size: 18.52 inches  
Chest size: 18.72 inches   foot length: 5.12 inches

Now we feel like we know her a little bit.  There are so many more questions I would love to ask, and I wish they could have elaborated a little more, but we are grateful for this much.  I know there are many who don't have even this much information.

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