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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How this Adoption Journey Began

It started with a blog~  If you haven't read it~DO!  This 22yr. old  girl is doing amazing things in Jesus' name.  She is an inspiration.  The next push was a book called Crazy Love, by Francis Chan.  If you haven't read it DO!  These were two of the biggest eye openers to me.  That and the fact that there are 147 million orphans.  I just had to stop and  think " What in my life is a reflection of Christs love for me?" What am  I doing, not because Christ loves me, but because I love Him.  Why aren't we giving a home to a child in need?  What's stopping us?  The list of excuses were pretty shallow and pathetic.......I've had four children, isn't that enough, We won't be able to travel, or have time for "just the two of us" we are getting too old, we really can't afford it.........HOW BIG IS OUR GOD?   Big enough to fill any need we have!  So here we go!  We are off on a wild ride with the God of the Universe!  This is the craziest Roller Coaster I've ever ridden!  Some days we just hold on and scream, other days we throw our hands in the air, and feel the rush of wind in our faces, then there are the days it seems like we are chugging up the hill.......wondering if we will ever make it to the top.....only to find when we start down the hill,  there's a huge curve in the track....or a tunnel that doesn't seem as if we can possibly make it through.  It's then that you have to trust the creator of the ride, and take comfort in the fact that others have survived the ride......and loved it.....and gone back to do it again.  Come ride with us!

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