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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How did you pick a child?

I've been asked many times, "How did you ever pick just one child?"   "Why did you pick her?"   I didn’t.  She picked me.  I know, I know, It sounds a little flaky and “whatever” to anyone who hasn’t been through this, or touched in the same way, but there was something in her eyes.  I clicked on her picture….which was a tiny square……and looked like a little boy…….. it came up bigger on the screen……and my heart just stopped.  CLUNK.   I sat and stared for a few moments……then read the information under it.  Female….Deaf……I stared some more……then I reluctantly closed it, because…well we were  looking for boys, and deafness seemed like a vast unknown.   Over the course of the next few days, as I continued my search, I continually came across this same picture…….by accident? By design?  By divine intervention?   I don’t Know.  I can’t explain my attraction to this little person other than it seemed as if I knew her.  She was familiar to me. I finally printed it off, along with several  pictures of little boys, with their information,  to discuss with the family.  Did they all fall in love with her instantly like me?.........Nope…… it took some of them a little while to come around to the idea of girls....I think Troy knew I'd already decided, and there was really no point in a lot of discussion.  The next step was to request her file, and learn a little more about her.

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