Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Iley XiaoKui Update!

Just before Christmas we requested another update on Iley who is in Foster care. We just heard back today:) These are her updated pictures. With SMILES:)

We sent these questions, and they sent these answers.
Does she know she has a family coming for her?
Does she know that Da Yu is going to be her sister?
If so, how does she feel about this?
She is very happy.
Are her lips and fingers blue?
No, the foster family feed her soup everyday and she seldom feels uncomfortable since she entered foster family.
Does she wheeze? or breathe hard?
only when she takes part in violent activities.
Does she sweat alot?
She sweats a lot in summer. She seldom sweats in winter.
Is she toilet trained?
Is she dry at night?
Does she sleep well at night?
What does her foster family say about her? Is she adjusting well to family life?
She is adjusting well to family life.  Her foster family tells she is an active, alert, lively,outgoing and bright child.  She brings much joy to her foster family.
Does she have any foster siblings?
She has one foster brother who just started work.

We are so thrilled to see her looking so well and happy!  Now i just want to love on her myself!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An Early Christmas Gift

Every update and snippet of information on our China daughters,  is truly a gift.  It's kind of like waiting for those monthly doctor's appointments when you are pregnant. You get to hear the heartbeat and measure and weigh to see how much it's grown.  I've heard several Adoptive parents say we are paper pregnant.  If that's the case....I feel big as a barn!  Paper overload!!!  as in ....a whole forest was lost to save these two girls:)  But I digress..........On to the important stuff....PICTURES:):) and information!! This is the message we received...

dayu - judy - sweet, sweet, sweet. she would giggle when i would touch her cheek. cute as a button. i also found out about Xiaokui, she is doing very well. her health is improving. her fingertips were blue when she went to the foster family, now they look much better because they are giving her special soup. she is well taken care of.

That "special soup" has me curious!  I've seen pictures from former travelers of the Medicine mart. They have interesting things.                                                   
Dried Snakes anyone?

       Lizard on a stick
          Dried Sea Horses and Fish Stomachs
 Or Maybe a special cut of Meat???
I think I'm better off NOT knowing what's in the soup!

They also reported....Miss Zhong told me Dayu has no hearing at all.  And they are teaching her  a little from the tapes you sent.  I think Dayu is a little reserved.  She may be on the shy side but not timid.  She is open I believe.

This family is in China now, adopting the little girl in the bright pink on the right.  The little girl beside her is their daughter also, adopted as a baby.  This group of kids all have parents waiting on paperwork so they can go bring them HOME.  This picture amuses me.....The little girl beside Wren is the one that is partially blind, it looks like she is talking to Wren.....who can't hear.  Wren looks like she's looking and pointing out something to her...who can't see!  Precious:)  It also looks like maybe Wren's shoes are on the wrong feet:)

Wren sure likes that sucker:)  I wonder if the only time they get candy is when adoptive parents visit.  Of course my kids get candy often, and they still love it, so maybe she just takes after her Mother and is a sugar junky:)

I just want to give a big acknowledgement to Ms. Zhong.  She is the orphanage director on the left in the tan  jacket.  She really cares about the kids, and goes to a lot of personal effort on their behalf.   She is open and works with the adoptive parents.  She knows who each child is and where they are.  She only has 400 to keep track of!! She even came in on Sunday, her day off, so that they could get pictures of the older kids that are usually in school on weekdays. She works hard to get these kids families. When Cheryl, the mother there now, told her how much we appreciate what she does, she got tears in her eyes. She said she's only doing what is right.  She said she gets a lot of flack for the extra effort put into these kids.  So THANK YOU Ms. Zhong!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Urgent Urgent!

If there are any Readers on my blog, or if you know of any one who has adopted from a foreign country and can help this boy...pass on the information please!  I can only think of my own boys set out on the streets to fend for them selves at 16  with 30.00 to their name!  Read about him here.     

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thank yous! and More Pictures

We have had such an outpouring of support and donations, and  i certainly don't want to miss anyone!  We have had MANY anonymous donations.......THANK YOU!  to each one of you, you know who you are:)

To those we know:

A HUGE thank you to Shauna at Calico Pie for her hard work, and for her support!  She raised $188.00 for us:):) Her friendship has been such a blessing,  I have loved getting to know her.  Who could have guessed that this unlikely friendship and fundraising would come through ordering a doll!  Of all the many doll makers on Etsy, How likely is it that I picked one that the owner worked at an orphanage at one point!!! When she found out that the doll she was making was for an orphan, she was all heart:) I love the way God uses each and everyone of us.   We also received a fun note from one of her customers that saw that the fundraiser was for a little girl from China named Wren....It reads as follows:
How could I resist this? My name on the internet is Wren, or TexasWren, and my (empty) Etsy shop is Wren's Crossing. Here's hoping that this little Wren makes her own ocean crossing soon."
And then: "I just made a donation to bring Wren home--I just wish it could have been more. I mentioned that my name is Wren, but what I forgot to add is that my granddaughter is half Chinese. Her mom was born in Taiwan and came here when she was 8. I wish the best for this little girl and her new family.  Wren"
I just loved this sweet note from a stranger, and plan to save it for Wren to read when she's older.  She also made a donation for Iley!

A HUGE thank you to all who supported us by ordering a doll!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Dirk& Denise and Steve& Lynette for hosting, and all of the generous Hearts that donated,  at the Beach Bucket Benefit supper!!  You raised another generous $820.00!!  We are just continually blown away by all of your generosity!  Together with the Calico pie fundraiser we are now $1,008.00  closer to our goal!!  Wow! 

We had a fundraiser here in our area the first part of November, that brought in a little over $1,000.00 as well:) This was a "main dish meal" sale.  Several generous ladies donated casseroles, or a main dish of some kind, and other generous people came and bought them.  So another HUGE thank you to my friend Denise for organizing this! And to all who donated by fixing food, helping out, or buying a meal!!! 

Wren looks like she's telling her little friends something here!  As far as we know she doesn't talk?  When I asked the family that visited the orphanage, if they could tell me about her, they said
"I didn't even realize she was deaf.  She was very obedient when they called her out of the room and as you can see was very attentive while we took the pictures - she seemed normal in every way.  We didn't see or notice anything that would cause any kind of concern."
 They had no idea she  was deaf!  They wrote in their blog to the parents of the childeren in our Orphanage group, "One little girl in particular could not hear. My wife told me last night she was deaf. My response to my her was “Are you sure?” "  We don't know if something has changed, or if she is just really perceptive, but this is great news.

This is the playroom at the orphanage.
So Thank you again to all of you wonderful people who have supported us through, hard work, donations and prayers!  Each Dollar raised gets these little girls closer to a forever family.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


We Just received these pictures this morning from the family of the little boy in the picture with Wren Dayu.  It looks like he's saying Da You:)  These pictures from the families traveling to adopt their children make this wait a little more endurable! But also make me anxious to GO bring them HOME!


This little girl with her is at least partly blind.  I would love to see how they communicate. One can't see, and
one can't hear.??  SO sweet! 

                           It has been 8-1/2 months since i saw this face.

She actually looked like this 8-1/2 Months ago.

Now I need an update on this little face!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011

Father Forgive Us!

Lest I am tempted to complain about anything today.  Instead I will count my blessings.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Adoption Expense Outline

For anyone who is interested in possibly adopting, or who is just wondering why adoption is so expensive, I'm going to try to give a detailed outline of where the money goes.  What is in Red is what we have left to pay.  What's in Black has been paid, or we have grant money (we receive this money when we get home with the girls. We can then use it to cover loans, or credit card expenses), or donations in savings to cover it.

Application for adoption:---------------------------------------------------$250.00
Contract Fee-1st Fee:--------------------------------------------------- $3,500.00
Application for Home Study services:---------------------------------------$200.00
Home Study:------------------------------------------------------------- $1,200.00
Travel Fees for Home Study: -----------------------------------------------$300.00
Judy's Passport (Troy already had one):-------------------------------------$135.00
Judy's Birth certificate-3 copies:----------------------------------------------$72.00
Troy's Birth certificate-3 copies:-----------------------------------------------89.45
Online Adoption preparation classes:----------------------------------------$125.00
Required Reading Books: (we borrowed some)-----------------------------$120.00
I800A Filing Fee- 670.00 + 80.00 per adult (Troy, Judy, Kyndahl) = ------$975.00
Contract Fee-2nd Fee:--------------------------------------------------- $3,500.00
Contract Fee-3rd Fee:-----------------------------------------------------$ 750.00
Contract Fee- 2nd Child:-------------------------------------------------$3,500.00
China Visa Service-40.00 each adult + 38.00 delivery charge=-------------$118.00
DS-230 Filing and Service Fee---------------------------------------------$560.00
Orphanage Donation- 5,300.00 X's 2 =---------------------------------$10,600.00 this has to be carried in cash or wired 1-2 months in advance!
Legal and Process fees per child X's 2=  2,000-2,500 = ---------$4,000-$5,000.00 this has to be in carried in cash.  This is frightening:(
Visa to China- $140.00 per person= ---------------------------------------$280.00
International Airfare: 1,100.00-1,800.00 per person ----------$2,200.00-$3,600.00
                (2 going and 4 returning)------------------------------------$1,000-1,800
Intra China Travel: 2500-3500 per adult = -----------------------$5,000-$7,000.00
Total--------------------$38,474.45- $43,474.45
This doesn't include Physicals for every family member
Immunizations, and TB tests for everyone
and local fingerprinting....I think it was around 285.00 (95.00 per adult in household)  I might be wrong on this one.  I couldn't find the receipt for it.
So this is not "all inclusive"  There are much more add ons...such as gas to Wichita for fingerprinting,(Kansas) gas to Topeka for, fingerprinting.(FBI)

Post Adoption Reports at 6months,12months,3,5, and 10 years these are 300.00-600.00 per report.  These are required by the state. for a grand total of 1,500.00-3,000.00  Some states require this up front!  I need to check into this.

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the generous hearts that have donated to this adoption!!!  These little girls would not be coming home with out your help, or they would have had to wait SO much longer!  We still have about $12,000-$15,000 to raise, but we know that God is in this, and money is no object to him!  He has been there every time we have needed money for an installment:)  So thank you for being his hands and feet!  May God Richly Bless you for your generosity.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Where's Waldo

Ok for those of you who are not as familiar with every hair, expression,  mole, and eyelash........i will point out which one my girls are.  It's a mom thing I guess:) cause I can pick them out if they are in there, even if it's the back of their head, or they are the size of a pin dot. But other people always ask "is that her" These are some old pictures that some one just posted from a trip in Jan. of 2011.  Dayu would have been almost 4 (Feb. 1), and Iley would turn 4 in April.

Wren Dayu is the tall one back left. This is the only one with Wren in it.

Iley XiaoKui is the fourth one from the left. (orange tennies)

Iley is the one peeking out of the middle of the pack.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Pictures of Wren

We received these new pictures just this morning from a friend who just got home from China!  She was there adopting the little girl behind Wren.  We were sad not to get any new ones of Iley, but we expected that, as she is in foster care.  I must say, it's nice to see her smiling, and well fed, and dressed in nice clean clothes.  My heart goes out to the parents that are waiting.....not knowing if their children are fed, or clothed, or cared for!  So as we go into this Thanksgiving season, I will say....I am THANKFUL that ALL of my children are fed and clothed, and have at least basic care.  It amazes me at how happy she always spite of the fact that she is deaf, and probably most of the kids, and nannies can't communicate with her.  Hopefully this is a sign of a sunny disposition:) 

I Love this smile:)

 Makes you wonder...does it smell bad......taste bad....or does her nose just itch?

I pray that these two will meet again here in the USA!

Friday, November 18, 2011

I Don't Want My Children To Be Happy

Go here and read this:)

Sorry for all of you who don't like hopping around...but sometimes other people just say it so much better than i can!  While you may not like or agree with all of it.....but this lady makes a very valid point!  What are we teaching our children about what is the most important things in life.  They learn by watching us...Does our walk talk louder than our talk talks?  Forgive me Lord for the times in my past that I have not walked the walk........and only talked the talk.  I pray...that with Your grace and Your wisdom, and Your TODAY and tomorrows will be a better reflection of Your Love than my yesterdays have been.

And then...... I hate to admit that I was where this person writing the next story is!  I even had a conversation somewhat like this with God.....but you know when it's all written out like this it seems even more pathetic than it did in my head and in my prayers!  So when people say, this is such a wonderful thing you are doing for these little girls....I am ashamed that I almost didn't do it, and for such lame, selfish reasons. Add to the ones listed time to spend with husband alone....raised 4 boys...want to travel........ And I know how many fears I still have, and I don't feel very wonderful at all, and pray daily that I will not fail my Father in Heaven or any of  these little ones he's entrusted to my care.

dear orphan

I read this post on One More Ladybug and it made me think of how our actions (and inaction) speak so much louder than our words...

Dear Orphan~

I saw your photo today. You are so adorable!
Your eyes are so deep and full of hope.

I love your little smile.
I know it must be hard some days to find
the strength to smile.
I have heard how little food you have,
but you are still willing to share
with your friends.
What a sweet little person you are!

But, I am writing this letter to tell you that I will
not be able to help you.
You see, my family is happy with the life we
are living.
I know that we could get bunk beds and you could
share a room with one of our bio kids,
but really,
that is no life for either of you.
We have so much going on around here and
life would just be too chaotic.

Our neighbors just got a new TV and game system,
we really think we need to have one too.
I have a 'ladies night out' next week and
I have nothing to wear.
I really need to purchase a new outfit.
I guess I could sponsor you...
it will have to wait til next month,
I really need that new outfit
and my kids are dying for some fast food tonight.

Good luck to you!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Calico pie Fundraiser

Whats up:  A big fundraiser….well a fundraiser with big hopesJ  Calico Pie,  a tiny shop on Etsy with a big heart is donating 50% of it’s sales to help with an adoption journey.  Calico Pie makes hand sewn soft cloth dolls that are baby safe and mama friendly (being 100% washable

When:    Monday, November, 28th!   Shauna at Calico Pie will donate half of any sales Placed on Monday the 28th to our adoption!!!  This is called cyber Monday.  This is the equivalent of Black Friday to the retail shops.
Who:  That would be us:) Troy and Judy Deaton from Kansas are adopting 2 girls from China,  4 year old Wren Da Yu, who is Deaf, and 4 year old Iley XiaoKui, who has a heart condition and needs surgery.
Why:  There are 147 million Orphans in the world that need families.  The biggest obstacle between the orphan  and their forever family is expense.  It costs between $20,000 and $40,000 for each adoption.  Please help us raise the ransom for these two little girls to come home.

What you can do:  Order a doll, or  Spread the word to all your friends to help us bring business to Calico Pie.  Or  Donate directly, and tax deductable through: Brethren Charity Fund
                                                                  PO Box  365
                                                            Brookville, OH  45309
Please note: ** "Troy & Judy-adoption"  on check memo line** This is the link! Check out more of her cute dolls!  There are many more options.
The Story Of the Doll
I ordered a doll for Wren Dayu from Calico Pie  way back at the end of March of this year.  When placing the order on line, there was a place to leave a comment, or special request.  I wrote and asked the owner, Shauna, if she could make the dolls eyes look more Wren's.  She wrote back and said sure.....send me a picture.  I sent her a picture, and told her we were adopting Wren from China, she then shared with me that she worked in an orphanage when she was younger.  These emails went on for several months.......we chit chatted, and got to know each other.......and then we  kind of tapered off... and i hadn't heard from her for a while, but she had said to be sure and send her my blog information when I got it up and going.   So I sent her an invitation, and she emailed me and said she had gotten it.  Then I didn't hear anything for a while......and I really didn't expect to, cause after all....she lives in California, and I had no reason to hear from her....she sold me a doll...went above and beyond to make it special.....sent extra outfits....just because she has a heart for her part was certainly done!  Then out of the blue....This lovely lady sent me an email....saying that she had been thinking about us, and wanted to help with a fundraiser!!!  This totally caught me off gaurd!  Remember.....I have never met this Girl!  She is giving up income, and MUCH help a family she has never met!  I cried......(not that that is unusual these days)  But seriously!!!  ONLY GOD could open a way to raise money through "buying" a doll!  So Please everyone that has a brother, sister, neice, nephew, child, grandchild, or friend......that would like a nice little doll......for Christmas...or a birthday maybe.......order one on November 28th!
Thank you one and all for your help in bringing two more orphans HOME:)

I hope to do a post soon about the expenses.....where it all much is paid up......and how much is left to pay.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mr. Mess in Disguise

When Harrison disappears to his room.....

Sherman gets bored.  When Sherman gets bored....we know a mess will soon be one form or another.  If water options are unavailable....he will look for another source. 

He disappeared for a bit, and reappered announcing....Look mom, I'm Ross. (Ross is our oldest son's boss and lives nearby)  In Ross' defense...He is not quite as chunky as Shermans shirt suggests. 

My Bear in his Cave

Some of my readers have commented on the fact that I don't post about Harrison very often.  It's not because he is less loved! Or even less present.  He is just quieter, and less "busy", much more.."behind the scenes" than Mr. Mess is.

This is Harrison's idea of a well decorated room.....every poster that you own, and any magazine page of interest.......all find a spot on the wall.....(We should have bought stock in the sticky tac company)......along with every piece of junk treasure you own on display......He has not read the decorating manual that refers to editing your displays...or the less is more articles........nope.  It's ALL good stuff in his book.

We Love this book devouring, PSP playing,  information sponge.... with a wealth of knowledge stored in that  top knot of his.  He loves collecting information......for what???  if nothing else, to keep his friends well entertained.  He is a delight.