Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, February 10, 2018

January 2018

January brought a lot of really cute visitors!

I love the intensity of his concentration!  Art is hard work people!

Which definitely calls for Ice cream!

The girls and their sweet friends, Zyann and Makayla are pretty good sports with all the littles.

Such cute little "help" in the kitchen.

 oh one is watching this phone.

 Random sighting.
 Iley's award ceremony.  Sooooo boring!!!  The little guy by Iley thought so too.  He was blurry in most of my pictures!

She got 2, one for library........?............and one for making the A/B honor roll.  Good job Iley.

 Watching combine videos while Nanna cleans up the kitchen.  This little Kickapoo came and stayed with us for 2 days!  So fun. So busy. I was afraid he would cry for his mamma and daddy, but he didn't!  He didn't want to go home when it was time.  He said "I cry for you"  wahhhh break my heart!  

We went to the park twice.  Good place to run off some of that amazing energy.

 Finn found a little friend to play with.  He was so pleased!

Look, I have fruit snacks.........

 .....and generously shared one with his new buddy.  Those are hard earned!  Potty gets you one, a big job on the toilet gets you two. (He tried to convince me he got 2 every time....even if the big job didn't make the toilet)  And this boy loves his sweets, so I thought it was big of him to share!

 But then his friend had to leave, and he tried to follow him, and would totally have gotten in his car and left with him (scary!) so we had to find other things to do.  I asked if he wanted to go over to that pond and see the ducks?  And he's off.  I literally ran all the way around that pond, trying to keep him out of it.  I think he would have followed the geese right in.

 STOP Finn!!!!  He looked at me like why??  

 I snapped this one quick and ran to catch up before he fell in!

 Then back to play at the play ground.

He thought it was great to have movie time with the girls.  They weren't as thrilled to have a wiggly participant. These last few were taken on my phone, so quality isn't as great.

Up early with the girls!  He'd show up about the time they were eating every morning.

 He picked out this pink belt and brought it to me, so pleased with it! "I wear my belt"

 King of the hill!

 He chased the girls all the way home.

Then it was the sad day to have to take him home.  He said "I can't see"  Um yeah, it is a little bright huh!  We had to stop and hang his coat over the window!

Christmas 2018

We started at Quinter and ended in Ohio.  These are all typical family Christmas pictures, so if you aren't in them or know the people, they may be a little boring.  We stopped in Quinter on Friday eve. Had our Christmas with our kids on Saturday, then we all headed to Ohio for Christmas with our families there.

 Keurig from all of our sweet kiddos!  

 Dawsie loves all things soft and squishy.

 Brentley and Finn both got tool boxes and drills.  Brentley also got the BLUE robe he'd been wanting.

Snug as a bug in a rug!

Ella got Wren this fun mask.

Such a mysterious lady.

 .....and a strange one! LOL!

 I have no idea what they are looking at here!  Finn seems oblivious to whatever it is.
 Mystery man.

 I was pointing my camera at her so she said "this is my aloof face"

 "This is my surprised face"  She's a nut.  Cute little photo bomber at the bottom :)

Then on to Ohio for more Christmas'

 Teague joined us so he could spend just a little more time with Sherman.

 More socks! He loves socks.

They were drumming on this metal box making a delightful......dreadful racket!

 She is obsessed with campers!  She was delighted!

They have an entire basement to play in, and they pick grandmas tiny bathroom.  Why?

Maybe if I ask Grandma Great for cookies, she will give me some..........

But......oops......mamma overheard and nixed that idea.  Sorry buddy mamma says no.

 Are you going to read all day or join us?

 So sad this baby gets no attention.

Then Finn managed to get a small cup perfectly down the garbage disposal.  It was suctioned in and tight.  It was quite the operation to get it out.  We had revolving "help" and observers.  The perpetrator of the problem was totally fascinated.....and unrepentant.

 Grandma kept bringing tools that might......or might not help.

 screw driver? knives? pliers?

 I think a combination of the screwdriver and pliers finally worked.

 We said a prayer for the couch here!

This is a random one that I took when Troy and I drove up the mountain one evening.  This is Colorado Springs at night.  the bright yellow lights in the front are the Broadmoor Hotel.....lets just say my ratty, handed down luggage would NOT be welcome there.......and my bank account would not support a night there.