Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, July 11, 2014

AV Therapy, Week 1

I will start with a few pictures from last weekend before we left, then move on to our Colorado trip and the  Audio Verbal Therapy sessions.

Saturday morning, Dad had an appointment at the hair dressers'.

 These 3 did NOT like the fire works the boys were setting off!  I could hardly move with out stepping on one of them!

 This baby boy LOVES being outside! 

The girls are having SO MUCH fun staying at "Kate's house"......sorry Steve and Christy, it's Kate's house :)  They are having fun with the boys too!  They have painted, and played with play dough, and colored, gone swimming at the YMCA, had a play date at a park, eaten numerous snacks, and explored the house from top to bottom.......sorry about the noise level Steve.......they moaned when it was time to leave for the weekend.  Iley informed me that she didn't like our house it was boring.

 Kate's cake she made for me.

 Noah made me a cookie.

They had lots of fun washing the play house too!  Christy is such a fun mom!! She brought out soap and buckets and sponges.  I think this house is now cleaner than when it came out of the box!

 This is Wren's bossy look!  She was telling someone something they should or shouldn't be doing!

We have had 2 sessions with the therapist in the Springs....just about 15minutes from where we are staying, and 3 appointments in Denver which is about an hour away.  Wren's been doing pretty good with it all.  She decided the third day that Iley needed to go too.  She signed to me....."Iley turn doctor"  "Iley, Wren, Mom, doctor"  I said no, Iley is going to stay here........she slumped down crying, and started saying noooooooo nooooooo........but by the next morning she left without too much fuss.  She did not think it was fair that Iley got to stay and play while she had to work.  If she works hard and cooperates.....she gets a treat.  Usually she wants "pop"  Today........she didn't get pop.  We'll just leave it at that.  Any and all prayers for her cooperation would be greatly appreciated!!  This is hard for her.  Her brain is not trained to form words, and remember 2-3 word commands.  She unfortunately is not reacting like Helen Keller and WANTING language and words and understanding.  I'm praying for some kind of breakthrough with her so that she will understand that she CAN do this, and then she can talk to people.  She wants to talk.....she just doesn't want to work for it.......kind of like me.......I WANT to be thin and in shape.........but.......that work part of it.....not so fun.  

So we are home for a day and a half........then we head back for 5 more days of the same.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Just Kids Doing Summer

My morning bed heads.


Teague is Sherman's cousin that's his age.  He spent 2 weeks with us.......SO much fun :)

When did they get so big???  Wahhhhhh!

 Bubble long as you don't mind small lakes puddles on the floor!

 Those eyes! My China dolls!

 Hang on to your seats people......some serious cuteness ahead!

 Feel free to kiss the screen!  I mean seriously!  Be still my heart.

Those eyes...those cheeks......that little mouth!!!  YUM!

Ella has been working with Iley and 2 other little girls this summer, tutoring them.  This is the room a local church allowed her to use for it.  Thank you Ella, and C.O.B. for your generosity!

 This is the favorite shelf! The big tin is full of prizes to pick from when your homework sticker chart is full.  Then books to be read to you if you work hard and finish before Mom comes.

 When I look out the window to check on Scout and Cricket... I never know what I will see.......the first time I looked, they had the striped towel on the table for a table cloth, and Iley had slipcovered her lawn chair with the flowered towel.  The next time I look, Scout/Wren is in the process of draping the towels over the center beam for their roof.  She figured out how to throw it over, then grab the tip hanging down and pull it.  She is VERY resourceful! 

Monday the girls and I head to Colorado Springs to stay with this gracious family..............

Wren is doing a 3 week stint of audio/verbal (listening/speech) therapy sessions.  We are hoping for some direction, and breakthroughs with her speech and listening.  At the very least, we will know what direction and approach to take with her in the future.   We are hoping to continue some online therapy sessions when we are done.  We will spend an hour a day.....Mon-Fri... for 3 weeks...with 2 different therapists.  One is located in the Springs, the other in Denver.  The Simpson family has graciously opened their basement, and home to us for the duration!  What a blessing it is to be a part of the family of God!  I am overwhelmed by His provision through His people!  A huge thanks to them, and  to my parents for helping make it possible :)

We have been working REALLY hard here at home too.  Every day Wren has to go through her picture/vocabulary cards (we are working towards 100 + 11 family name cards, we are up to 70!!! since March)  I say the word, and she signs/says it to me, if she gets it right the first time it goes on the "done" pile.  If she misses it, it goes back in the stack to try again.  If she pronounces it right the first time, she doesn't have to work with me on pronunciation on that one either.......if she leaves off the beginning or ending sounds...which she does a lot......then she has to sound it out letter by letter with me.  This is what causes her the biggest frustration.....that, and trying to differentiate between words like "blue" and "balloon"  "cut, and cup"  "monkey, and cookie"  We get in a toe to toe, glare to glare, YOU WILL DO THIS......or........YOU WILL NOT WATCH A down.  Every. Single. Day........1 hour a day(at least)...6 days a week.  We are both exhausted when we are done.  SHE is MUCH more forgive and forget than me!  The verse "unless you become as a little child".......has rebuked me many times!!!  When we are done I am feeling...(not saying)......"JUST GO AWAY"....she always wants to come and love on me.  God help me to return the FEELING!!!!  I love this child fiercely......and desperately want her to TALK, and know what is being said!!!  But oh she brings out the ugly, ugly, ugly in my flesh.  So I thank God for this trial........when I'm not on my knees in despair.......and take comfort in the verse "when you have been tried by SHALL come forth as gold".......assuming I don't wring her neck first :)

I will leave you with a Cricket Quote :)  She is working hard, and learning too!  I was putting her to bed, and doing the routine smooch smooch, hug hug thing.....she grabbed my face planted a smack on my lips and said "THE END"  Bwaaahaaa haaa.  Guess she'd had enough!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Epic Fail........

I had grand ideas...........that didn't happen.  I planned a photo shoot........darling subjects......cute props.....coordinating outfits..........neat location...........Zero cooperation........well almost zero.  We had moments of cooperation, But........the few pictures that were really cute of all of them.....I failed!  My camera skills are just NOT good enough to do a group of uncooperative kiddos..........It was not a shining moment in my motherhood career either!  By the end of the session, I'm not sure whose attitude was worse.....theirs, because they didn't want to be there doing that........... or mine, because of the whining, and the fact that I couldn't get the picture I wanted........but I had the least excuse........well there WAS much provocation........but I am the adult for Pete's sake!

Some are ok, some the focus is just not as crisp as I want it to be.

These balloons were so helium filled that they had to work to keep the balloons from pulling their arms up!

 Check out Iley's hair :)

 Love this one, just wish it wasn't so blurry!

And......this is where things really went south......Wren lost her PINK balloon!!!  She watched it float away.......getting smaller and smaller.........her baby heart just broke.

It was a no good, horrible, very bad day!......and it didn't help that mom was taking pictures of the moment!  I did stop after this and go comfort her.

 We got her consoled...well as consoled as you can be at 7 yrs old with your PINK balloon drifting rapidly out of sight, and your sister still holding TWO balloons while you are left with one.........NOT pink one, she wasn't  weeping anymore, but she wasn't happy.....and she wasn't about to trust the string on her only remaining balloon!

My focal point was off here... and my depth of field was too small....Sherm is blurry, and so is Wren......and she still is NOT happy.

This one is better, but still not as crisp as I'd like 

She posed for me.....but was obviously still thinking of the lost PINK balloon.

Her brothers were calling her name and doing their best to make her smile.

Careful!!!  Don't you dare smile!

Well.........they are kind of funny..........

OK really funny......and we needed some tension release.....

No worries here......still the proud possessor of TWO YELLOW.

Her spirits were lifting a little.....with frequent mentions of the lost balloon. I think it was about now that I realized Wren had her dress on backwards!!! The crochet work is in the back! Why not.....The whole experience was not working anyway!  Oh good grief!  Let's pack it up people, cut our losses and go home!

Harrison, Love this boy......... to death.......which was very near to him several times during this session! He can be a funny guy......but his gonna get him clobbered one day.

Sherman was DONE.......and keeping his distance from his crabby mom!  Can't say I blame him, it was safer :)