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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, July 3, 2015

We Have a House!

We finally have an abode in Fountain!  I'm going to post pictures of it.......there is no fear of someone recognizing it and finding me there are hundreds of others that look just like it!  I'm more afraid of getting lost in my own subdivision, than I am of getting lost in the city.  GPS and I are going to become very good friends.

The outside from the front. That little patch of grass....that's the extent of our mowing!
 And the side doesn't go with our's actually called a park.....I guess if there's a bench, and the city mows it, it's called a park.  When we were here looking at the house there were about 6-8 boys out there playing football.  Sherm should love it.

The back yard is non existent....but we do have a nice deck and a little fire thingy.

Then in the front door..This is taken from the upstairs landing.  There is a dining room to the right....the only room downstairs that has carpet!  Which does NOT work with kids.  We are planning to use it as an extension of the living room, maybe the computer, or just a den like area. 

 The front door is to the right, and the coat closet is what you are seeing here. 

Next up is the kitchen.  If you go to the left of the stairs, there is a hallway going to the kitchen.
 Through the door by the refrigerator  is the "dining room" with carpet. To the left of the bar is a closet, and on down that hallway is the door to the basement, a 1/2 bath, the laundry, and garage.

 Just across the bar here is another family room.  We plan to use it as our dining room.

 The pantry.

This is the room we are going to use for our dining room.  My challenge is that wall...I love the fireplace, but what do you do with all those big empty spots?  It's not yellow paint, it's maple wood.  The room is a blueish gray.  We are going to put our harvest table here, and Troy is going to make benches for it instead of chairs to help stream line the area.  We are finding that our furniture is all too big.  We live in a big house with huge rooms now. Although this house is not small, it feels small comparatively.

 The 1/2 bath is the door on the left in the hallway.

1/2 bath....I'm struggling with the color! It's red, leaning towards orange. BUT  I'm thankful for the extra bathroom!

Laundry.....I can't call it a's just in the pass through to the garage.  I'm trying to figure out where I'm going to sort laundry, fold laundry, etc. :(  That'll teach me to complain that my laundry now is small....well it IS small, but at least it exists!  And I forgot to take a picture of the new one.

Upstairs:  there are 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.  This is the master bed/bath/closet

From left to right.....Master bedroom, extra bedroom(maybe Shermans) then the bathroom, closet, and the girls room. I'm planning to put their toys in the open area upstairs.

 the girls room is just to the left of the open area.

The girls room.

The extra bedroom.

The extra bedroom closet.
And now to the basement.  I'm aggravated I forgot to take a picture of the big room in the basement.  But this is the room directly at the bottom that Sherm may put his bed with a curtain across.....or he may decide to go upstairs.

 In the room looking back at the stairs.

Harrison's room.  This is the only bedroom in the basement. It's a bummer that the bathroom is in that room, but they will just have to share it if Sherm wants down there too.


Harrison/Sherman closet.


Little space under the stairs the girls will have fun playing in.

 There's a little kitchenette down there too.  The boys already have big plans for stocking the fridge with Peace Tea, etc.  They are thinking "man Cave" is thinking ....NOT!

It's a very nice house, it truly's just not home yet.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Spaghetti, wounds, Hair cuts

Yes a strange title.....but I run out of ideas, so that is what is happening and in that order.

Brentley is learning to feed himself and is quite pleased about it.

Wren headed into summer school.  Who is that tall leggy thing!!??

 WARNING!!!!  A bit of gore ahead!!  Shermans leg isn't healing up as well as we'd hoped.  some of the stitches pulled apart in the middle because of infection and drainage.  He's had to go in 3 times now and have it dug around on and stimulated to help with healthy tissue growth.  It is quite unpleasant for Sherm, and for me to watch!  This is the first day before they started digging.  Notice how pitty and soft it looks.

This is after the second round of picking and trimming.  It's looking better, but still really pitty and soft.

This was after giving it a 3 day rest from picking.  The tissue down inside is definitely smoother and more solid looking.  They picked out all the dead stuff and made it bleed. We go back again in a week for a check up.  They won't try to stitch it shut again, but will let it heal from the bottom out. He's supposed to scrub it in the intentionally make it bleed kind of scrub..........makes me cringe!!  He's going to have a nasty scar!  He's been a trooper.  He's about to go nutty from boredom though!  He's not supposed to run or jump, only walking, and no sweating, or getting it dirty, or swimming.  His summer is RUINED he is thinking.

 This little man stayed with us for 3 nights while his mamma and daddy enjoyed some alone time.  The cute factor is off the charts..........and he works his charm to it's fullest extent on these easy targets called Nanna and Papaw!

We all have the same shoes.  The girls think that is so cool.

 I decided to cut Wrens hair again.  She requested it.  She is tired of having it combed and braided.  When we got home she didn't think it was short enough cause it was still blowing in her face.  Here is their before pictures.

Lunch at McDonalds before their appointment.

 Iley had already eaten her apple pie, but was more than willing to share her generous sister's ice cream cone!

 In the process.

 Iley, all done.

 Both of them after.  I'm not sure about Wren' looks a little uneven, but I know her wonky shaped head is super hard to cut, so I'm giving it a few days to see.

We finally found a house to rent in Fountain!!  We will get possession of it on July 10th.  I'm hoping to go out on Thursday and see it, get some measurements and a better idea of the lay out. I've been looking up houses, contacting the realtor, setting up appointments, and Troy has been going through them and calling me to discuss the pros and cons.  So this is the first time I will have seen it in person.  Hopefully I will have some pictures of it on the next blog.  Thanks all of you faithful prayer warriors!  My next prayer request is for the boys. 
1. Pray for positive attitudes towards the move
2. That they would find at least one good friend.